You're probably thinking of the other Robeson Kitchin.

Get it? Because so many people have my name. Ha ha. In fact, I've yet to meet another, even with Robeson as a first name. Maybe someday... there's always two!

Leigh, my saintly wife, allows me to share a home with her, my daughter, and our baby boy.

Chloe is 16.95. Norman Lee is 9.65.

The rest is gravy.

I love my family, drink coffee, and build software in Portland, Oregon. I'm an east-coast-northern-southern-hybrid-transplant since I went to elementary school in Rye, New York but middle and high school in Norfolk, Virginia. Since heading west to college, I called Eugene home for more than twenty years before moving to the PDX in Fall '12.

I've had this site since the web was just a wee lad. It used to have blogs when they were called web logs, photo galleries before social sites, and a contact form when non-trivial Perl code was a good solution. These days, the site mainly just links to social sites. They seem to work pretty well.